Transformer Installation

Transformer Assembly, Installation & Commissioning

Native American Transformer Services, Inc. has some of the most highly trained assembly, installation, and commissioning crews in the industry

Looking for the right team to install your new transformer, Native American Transformer Services, Inc. has the capability and equipment to completely assemble and install your transformers. Our teams have experience on virtually every transformer manufactured in the world today. American Transformer Services, Inc. can also disassemble units that may need to be moved.

The NATS team at your request can receive a transformer at many points of delivery and perform an inspection report that we have performed the services in the past at rail siding, port of entry, substation site or anywhere the transformer may be delivered.

NATS can then assemble all the parts that were removed for shipment to make the transformer operational. If the unit was shipped oil-filled and it is necessary to lower the oil level to install bushings or other parts, NATS has experience performing this work.

Native American Transformer Services, Inc. will bring in one of our oil-processing rigs to perform assembly services, using your specifications, the transformer supplier’s specifications or IEEE Specification. NATS can vacuum degasify and prepare new oil for installation, pull vacuum on the transformer and professionally complete the vacuum oil-filling process.

A wide range of tests can also be performed by our skilled professional to verify that the transformer is ready enter service:

Transformers are one of the most expensive and important components in your substation, and you can be confident that the skilled Native American Transformer Services team will assemble and install it right.


NATS has the equipment, experience and capability to complete repairs, upgrades, insulation dryouts, bushing replacements, LTC repairs/upgrades, and FR3™ retrofills.

These are but a few services we perform, please call or email for a complete list.